Desiree Abrams

I had a big, fresh container of super red juicy sweet berries, and as I washed and sliced them and placed them on the little dinette table for the kids to devour, I felt a little stir in my soul (holy spirit?). I thought, isn’t it funny how the simplest, earth-grown foods are the very best things we can choose for our body and physical health, and the most humanly altered and processed food items are generally the worst? They might taste better and look more enticing, but it comes down to the simplistic, organic foods that God…

by M V Russell

I am no longer reading to procrastinate. Now, it is an assignment. By giving myself permission to read, read, read, I find more writers to take direction from. Oh, how I love to read! Books, words, letters — I read them all. The beauty of the words and how they are formed on the page and sometimes the way they attach themselves to my heart and mind is so satisfying. I need to write words down. I need to reread them. Sometimes, I want to see the characters that the writer has created. I want the…

by Kitt McClain

Hello, My name is Kitt, and I am a new novelist.

I feel like we newbies should have a support group. I have referenced several websites hoping to find the definitive answer to the ultimate question. I have my first draft. Now what?

I had a plan. I would edit my zero draft for spelling and continuity, and then I would hand my pride and joy to my alpha readers. I wanted to get a sense of whether the whole story structure or the novel’s writing was trash and vomit-inducing or tolerable. It turns out it was…

MV Russell

I was driving home from my childhood home. I have done that a thousand times in my lifetime. This time I was closing a chapter. I finally finished giving, selling, and throwing the rest of the memories away. I drove through a snowstorm and talked to some precious friends about what I had accomplished. I have lost some things in this fire. But as I got closer to home, and the tears dried, I was alone in my car; I realized something amazing. …

Desiree Abrams

This country is in a very tough place right now. We can all at least agree on that. There is a pandemic. There is racial inequality. There is an increase in unemployment. There is rioting and targeted violence. There is also a huge upcoming election that will no doubt be historical to this nation. Most notably, there is ALOT to DISAGREE on. I remember a particularly stressful day maybe 16 years ago in nursing school when I very much doubted my knowledge and ability. …


There is power in truly being seen. To be seen beyond the surface, beyond the physical layer into your soul. I think people who have an innate drive to form a group seek this even if they cannot articulate it. They want to be seen and accepted by individuals who matter to them.

Until that happens, you may move socially from group to group. If it’s your family, you may withdraw and feel undervalued.

I’m not saying that the desire to be seen is for validation from any and everyone. We shouldn’t. …

Night Ink Gals

We are nurses that have a passion for writing.

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